Who I Am

Stuff That Matters…More or Less.


I made movies with my dad’s Super-8 camera when I was a kid in Whittier, CA.

(charged neighbor kids to watch them in our 100+ degree garage, while selling candy that mom bought at Smart n Final)

I subsequently earned a film degree.

(who would have guessed?)

I started in Los Angeles as a page at NBC, and then at various positions on commercials and independent films before settling on production.

(the beginning of my meteoric rise to fame and fortune in show business)

I ran my own commercial production company as Executive Producer for 15 years.

(Wyoming Films. Shot across the United States, as well as in Peoria)

I closed that company after the recession and started working freelance.

(It was time)

While working freelance, I also participated in a screenwriting mentorship at Scenario

(“Throb and the Love Muscle”, “Undercover Mother”,”Are You Bipolar or just a Bitch- A Love Story”)

I took a hiatus and booked a flight to Spain and walked across it, blogging every evening.

(It seemed like the rational thing to do at the time)

I’ve written a narrative memoir based on my blog and am shopping it.

(You can take a look at the blog here)

You’ll find my resume here.

(I’m sure it’s just as exciting as all the other resumes you’ve reviewed)