Executive Producer

Created and ran Wyoming Films, building it into a multimillion dollar company that produced commercials, corporate content, music videos and web content.  Provided leadership, management, and organizational skills to instigate and realize multi-platform projects ranging from $1,000-$750,000.

Process-focused and skilled at managing a variety of projects simultaneously-appreciates the need to communicate ideas, concepts, strategies and schedules clearly and effectively with superiors, peers, and subordinates, in order to provide a clear understanding of each project. Knows how to meet short term goals with the highest level of quality and integrity, while taking responsibility for long term organizational goals and objectives.

Takes charge and accepts ultimate responsibility for decisions; values professionalism, cooperative team relationships, accountability, reliability, creativity, trust, diversity.  A hands-on, experienced producer who is actively involved in researching and understanding current technologies, resources, and equipment in order to more fully support groups and recommend the appropriate tools for the job.

Responsibilities include:

-Building company profile
-Signing Directors
-Long term management/development in collusion with directors on creative career choices
-Creatively approaching concepts in budgeting
-Receive and interpret concepts. Create budgets, schedules, and corroborating support materials.
-Collaborate with directors on strategy, approach, and treatments.
-Bidding and overseeing budgets.
-Consulting with director re: key crew hires
-Daily consultation with producers and clients on job progress
-Overseeing ongoing budget line items, crew hires and editorial
-Liaising with and managing jobs to meet clients requirements through completion of project
-Limiting liability both creatively and financially
-Creative problem solving on all levels
-Maintaining job through completion, delivery and actualization